Screening of 短片惊叹号:真假人生 CHINESE SHORTCUTS: THE REEL LIFE | Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2019

*Q&A with filmmaker Chiang Wei Liang 影人出席:曾威量导演

来自你的瓦伦汀 PERFECT-LOVER.COM 2036

台湾 Taiwan / 2018 / 20 Min / PG13: Some scenes of Intimacy 些许热情画面 / Mandarin, English 华语、英语 / English & Chinese subtitles 中英字幕
导演 Director:连奕琦 Lien Yi-chi

2036年,人形机器人融入人类社会,大部分劳动力被机 器人取代,人类与机器人之间不可调和的矛盾也因此产 生。克洛伊想通过 perfect-lover.com 订购属于自己的 完美情人,但她所处的社区领导者却严令禁止人形机器 人的存在。

Robots have become an essential part of human life in 2036 and replaced humans in most jobs. Therefore, irreconcilable conflicts arise between the humans and the robots.


台湾 Taiwan / 2018 / 40 Min / M18- Coarse language 些 许粗俗语言 / Mandarin, Hokkien 华语、福建话 / English & Chinese subtitles 中英字幕
导演 Director:刘易 Liu Yi

因家中欠着庞大债务,19岁的阿泰只能靠讨债工作维 生,他梦想着有天能带着患有忧郁症的姐姐远离一切重 新开始。私底下,阿泰其实是蒙面摔角手“闪焰假面”。 因为他在一场比赛中,意外打赢了联盟“安排”要获胜的 对手,让命运此时向他招了手......

Shouldering the heavy debt of his family, Tai makes a living by collecting debts for a loan shark. He dreams of making a fresh start with his depressed sister at a different place once the debt is paid off. At the same time, Tai is also a masked wrestler dubbed “Masked Flame”. As he accidentally beats his opponent in a fixed fight that he is supposed to lose, his life is about to change.


台湾 Taiwan、美国 USA / 2018 / 25 Min / PG / Mandarin 华语 / English & Chinese subtitles 中英字幕
导演 Director:刘易 Liu Yi

在21世纪,你相信武侠世界还存在吗? 阿硕是个在台湾念高中的ABC,极力想逃离台湾的一 切。有一天偶然发现同学佳佳是个习武之人!在偷学了 内功后,阿硕发现自己天赋异禀,体内充满尚未雕琢的“ 气”。然而偷学武功的代价会是什么呢?

Shuo is a Taiwanese American high school student studying in Taiwan. He accidentally stumbles upon a modern martial arts world one day. Through the studying of “chi” he discovers his hidden talents, but at what cost?


新加坡、台湾 Singapore, Taiwan / 2018 / 13 Min / NC16 - Some Mature Content 内容只宜十六岁及以上 / Hokkien 福建话 / English & Chinese subtitles 中英 字幕
导演 Director:曾威量 Chiang Wei Liang

台湾渔夫与菲律宾渔夫在海上作业,因为一个核废桶而 起了纠纷,却未发现真正的危机近在咫尺。 吕宋海峡与南海交会处,渔获遭受不明污染,台湾和菲 律宾两位渔民原本各执一船、相安无事,一桶漂流的中国核废料打乱了这份和谐,语言不通的双 方从互相推诿、短兵相接,最终达成共 识、齐心协力将废料桶“归还”所在的中 国海域,未料却是灾难的开始。导演招牌 4/3画面再出,这次以特效与海上摄影, 挑战一则政治与科幻的讽刺寓言。

Somewhere in the South China Sea, a Chinese nuclear waste barrel draws a Taiwanese fisherman and his Filipino counterpart into a maritime conflict.

Singapore Chinese Film Festival is co-founded and organised by the Singapore Film Society and Singapore University of Social Sciences, and is held annually since 2013. The main objective of the festival is to promote the appreciation of quality Chinese Cinema here in Singapore. Through panel discussions and dialogue, the festival aims to foster deeper interaction between Singapore filmmaking talents and filmmakers from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia.

It is currently the second largest film festival held in Singapore in terms of number of films screened and audience attendance, with yearly growth in attendance since its inauguration in 2013.

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